Carnival Company

Carnival Company Inc.


An accessory retail company running shops which, with modern interior designs and displays completely different from those of traditional accessory shops, help you to rediscover the charm of accessories and find new ways of wearing them.

They create new trends by combining the strengths of traditional specialty shops with the advantages of volume retailers. While Tokyo Derica, another Group company, also operates accessory shops, Carnival Company specializes in selling only accessories, thereby challenging new business fields.

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Main Shop

  • Tees Cees
    Tees Cees

    This company offers a variety of accessories which are full of fun and which satisfy customers' tastes, ranging from casual to the more refined and jewelry-like. There are three lines: "Trend Line", accessories appropriate for your time off; "Daily Line", which are casual but acceptable in the workplace; and "Authentic Line", smart casual accessories that are also party-appropriate.

    Tees Cees shop

Tees Cees Yaesu Shop
Just outside the Yaesu Underground Central Exit ticket gate of JR Tokyo Station
10:00 – 20:30, every day

New Product / New Shops News

New Product / New Shops News
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Carnival Company Inc.

  • Satou Bld.4F-A
    2-1-12, Ebisuminami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0022,
  • Phone:+81-(0)3-5725-3061
  • FAX:+81-(0)3-5725-3062