Lojel Japan Co., Ltd.


This company distributes the luggage and bags for men purchased from Aishin Tsusho to large retailers such as mass home electronics retailers and GMSs (general merchandise stores).

By securing powerful wholesale channels through Lojel Japan in addition to shops under the control of Tokyo Derica, this company can conduct high value-added and highly competitive bag retail operations.

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Products handled by Lojel Japan

Travel-related products


Luggage equipped with a number of unique and useful functions is hugely popular. Products are available in a variety of designs and colors.

Business-related products


There is a selection of business bags perfectly tailored to meet customers" needs such as those with many pockets and self-supporting bags. Much emphasis is also placed on quality as evidenced by the fact that made-in-Japan products are included in its product lineup.

Casual bags


In addition to products of popular brands such as "Ballistic Spirit" "E.L.A" and "SCENE", a wide range of bags and smaller items from original brands are on offer.



The showroom is situated on the 2nd floor of the main office and constantly showcases its product lineup. Meanwhile, clients from across the country are invited to join trade fairs which are organized on a regular basis.

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New Product / News
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Lojel Japan

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