Message from Top Management

Setting Foot on a New Continent of Fashion Goods	Takeshi Kiyama, President & Representative Director

All of our operations are aimed at inspiring our stakeholders.
Going beyond the traditional boundaries of retail operations, we will strive to create new business categories and brands.

Japan's bag culture and technologies are world-class and extremely advanced. Since 1974 when Tokyo Derica was founded, the Company has been engaged in bag retailing with the aim of contributing to the development of Japan's bag industry which is revered around the world. During this period, the environment surrounding the industry has been changing dramatically, including an increase in the number of station buildings and shopping malls and the diversification of customer needs. Nevertheless, thanks to cooperation from our business partners, the Company has adapted itself to these changes and kept evolving. As a result, in 2012 its stock was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange with sales exceeding 40 billion yen, thereby establishing itself as the leading company in the bag industry.

At present, we have more than 600 shops nationwide and in addition to Tokyo Derica Co., Ltd., a bag retailer, we also own Aishin Tsusho Co., Ltd., a bag designer and manufacturer, Lojel Japan Co., Ltd., a bag wholesaler, and Carnival Company Inc., an operator of accessory shops. Maintaining the spirit of challenge which has so far been the driver behind our evolution, we intend to keep trying to expand the frontier of the fashion goods field and further inspire all of our customers and other stakeholders.