About Us

Corporate philosophy

Creating inspiring moments

~ Three “inspiring” principles of Sac’s Bar Holdings ~

Inspiring service

Listening to the individual needs of customers as well as business partners, including manufacturers and developers, we offer earnest suggestions to introduce optimal products to them.

Inspiring products

In cooperation with our partners, we plan, develop and distribute competitive and appealing products with “something special” that cannot be found in others.

Inspiring shop floor

From the wholesalers to our own shops and e-commerce sites, we provide products and retail brands that are best suited for each location to brighten the daily lives of customers as well as to vitalize the community.

~ Key missions of Sac’s Bar Holdings ~

Through product planning, manufacturing, wholesale
and sales that are inspiring to all members of society,
our customers and business partners in the industry,
Sac’s Bar Holdings contributes to mutual development and happiness
toward a cultural and sustainable society.