Basic Policy

Legal Compliance

Recognizing compliance with all laws and rules as an important management issue, the Company conducts business honestly and fairly.

Compliance with Corporate Ethics

The Company puts into practice a corporate philosophy contributing to the fulfillment of social responsibilities and serving social interests, endeavors to engage in healthy business management, and aims to establish trust.

Ensuring Management Transparency

In order to become a company trusted by society, the Company discloses management information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner and listens to a wide array of customers' opinions, thereby striving to improve management as well as service quality.

Action Guidelines

Social Contribution

Each of us think about our own social contribution and make an effort to contribute to society.

Social Responsibility

We abide by all laws and regulations, engage in corporate activities in accordance with ethical standards, and deal severely with all illegal acts and antisocial behavior.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect human rights and forbid any form of discrimination.

Fair Business Operation

We earn the trust of society through fair business operations and endeavor to improve our corporate and brand images.

Creation of an Appealing Company

We will create an appealing company with a view to continuously boosting company value over the long term.

Customers First

Always putting ourselves in our customers' shoes, we provide the best services and products that our customers want and value the trust earned through such a business approach.

Ethical Obligations with Respect to the Handling of Money, Goods, etc.

We strive to handle money, goods, etc. in an appropriate and rigorous manner so that we can earn the trust of our customers and business partners.

Devotion to Shareholder Value

Taking shareholder value into account, we perform our duties with a strong sense of professional ethics and responsibility along with integrity.

Appropriate Information Management

Recognizing the importance of personal and confidential information management, we strictly protect and control such information and do not take such information out of the office for any reason other than for reasonable business activities.

Information Disclosure

We disclose information in a timely, appropriate and active manner in order to make the Company's financial condition and activities in general accurately understood.

Prohibition of Insider Trading

We never fraudulently use or leak any insider information we have obtained in the course of performing our business.

Maintenance of a Healthy Working Environment

We abide by internal regulations, strive to create a happy and clean workplace, create effective working relationships, care about other people, and protect individual privacy.

Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

We shall never commit any act of sexual harassment.

General Conflict of Interest

Clearly distinguishing between public and private affairs, we do not bring any personal issues or interests to the office or exploit our professional positions for personal gain.