Shareholder Hospitality

Special Thanks Gift 2020
The 47th Term Preferential Gifts to Shareholders

The Company presents preferential gifts to shareholders who hold 100 or more shares and whose names are recorded in the list of shareholders as of March 31 every year.

Shareholders who hold 1,000 or more shares

Original products worth 10,000 yen each
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Exclusive shareholder item
Orobianco photo
Orobianco logo

Shoulder Bag

This item is made of DAVIS Nylon from LIMONTA, an Italian fabric manufacturer established in 1893, and has a high-quality color, texture, luster and durability. The attached leather is made of soft shrink leather from Italy. An original line tape is also used to accent the bag. It is unisex and of a size easy to use for daily life and travel.

  • Size :W27×H27×D5cm
  • Color : Navy × Brown
  • Material : Italian nylon
  • Made in Italy
Exclusive shareholder item

2way Compact Tote Bag

This is an item from "Io Pelle," a bag brand established in Naples, Italy in 1992. The brand is meticulous about offering items made in Italy, and all processes from leather processing to manufacturing are done in Italy. This compact tote bag, which features an adequate depth, is convenient for everyday outing, and it is made of embossed cowhide that is resistant to scratches and is easy to care for.

Size : W32(Top)×H20(excluding handle)×D18cm
Color : Black × Brown Material : Cowhide
Made in Italy

IO PELLE photo
Exclusive shareholder item
Hinomoto Canvas photo
Hinomoto Canvas logo

Hinomoto Canvas
Luxury Tote Bag

This is an item from "Hinomoto Canvas," a new member of SAC’S BAR HOLDINGS. The manufacturer is meticulous about canvas fabric, and produces the bags at its own factory in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture. The manufacturer is proud to use canvas, which is derived from natural materials that are both gentle to the user and environmentally friendly so that it returns to the soil after use and is imbued with a sense of such values. This is a handmade, large-capacity tote bag for both men and women, useful for business occasions such as carrying PC or documents.

  • Bag Size : W37×H32(excluding handle)×D11cm
  • Color : Black × Blue
  • Material : Canvas
  • Made in Japan
SAC'S BAR HOLDINGS original item offered in advance

Ripple Suitcase

This is an original item from "TRANSIT LOUNGE," a new suitcase brand which debuted in the spring of 2020. The quality has further been improved compared with the previous original series. It is full of advanced functions such as an easy-to-use front opening, YKK’s tough fastener with logo, and original casters with damper developed by us that runs well.

  • Size : W37×H54×D24cm(Can be brought into the cabin)
  • Weight : About 3.5kg
  • Capacity : About 37L
  • Color : Aqua
  • Material : Polycarbonate + ABS
  • Made in China

Shareholders who hold at least 100 shares but less than 1,000 shares

Original product worth 1,000 yen

Exclusive to SAC'S BAR HOLDINGS shareholder item
Hinomoto Canvas photo
Hinomoto Canvas logo

Hinomoto Canvas Tote Pouch

This is a durable and compact canvas tote pouch. It is convenient for small outings such as shopping and dining in the neighborhood. A fastener ensures security and protects your privacy. As the pouch can be folded, it can be used as an additional bag for travel or business trips. This item can be used as a gift for both men and women.

  • Bag Size : W25×H15×D9.5cm
  • Color : Camel
  • Material : Canvas
  • Made in Japan