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Enabling individual business companies to operate independently in order to boost their mobility

The Company has adopted a holding company system for the purpose of enabling individual business companies to operate independently as subsidiaries so that they can move freely when doing business in the fashion goods industry, either upstream or downstream.

At present, four subsidiaries are running businesses and make up the Group under the control of SAC'S BAR HOLDINS INC., a holding company. Subsidiaries are engaged in design and manufacture, wholesale and retail creating a synergy effect. Furthermore, sharing information among them helps them to understand market needs more accurately and put a more dynamic business model into action.

Group Composition

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Retail is SAC'S BAR HOLDINGS' core business. We strive to make the next leap forward driven by the bonds of trust we have built in cooperation with players in Japan's fashion goods industry over more than 40 years, including the period during which we operated as the former Tokyo Derica Co., Ltd.