Collaborative projects for developing a variety of original products

Now that e-commerce has become commonplace, people can buy any products online no matter where they live, which means that it can be difficult for retailers to show their individuality. The product planning department in Sac’s Bar Holdings works in collaboration with various brands, artists and sports teams, creating appealing and original products not found elsewhere.

Utsunomiya Brex

We are an official sponsor of a prominent professional basketball team

Since 2019, Sac’s Bar Holdings has been under a sponsorship agreement with “Utsunomiya Brex,” a popular team in Japan’s B. League for men's professional basketball, as well as its star player Hironori Watanabe. Utsunomiya Brex is a competitive team that won the first championship. Working as a model and radio personality as well as collaborating with fashion brands, Hironori Watanabe has fans across generations.
For his fans as well as those who love sporty casual styles, we have created collaboration products using the team colors and logo, under popular brand names such as Orobianco and UNIVERSAL OVERALL. Available exclusively at the Tokyo Derica and Utsunomiya Brex shops as well as on the official websites, the limited-edition items are much talked about.

● LOJEL has become the official luggage of the team

A luggage brand with a good international reputation that is run by our subsidiary Lojel Japan, “LOJEL” has been chosen as the official luggage of Utsunomiya Brex. The team has not only approved the luggage for sale in-store, but also has been using it on tours. We believe that this product is a testament to the team’s trust in the unique quality of LOJEL’s luggage, which has been developed, improved and refined based on actual travel experience.