A new style of retail created with a fusion of physical shops and e-commerce

As Internet shopping has become the norm now, it is essential to build a new sales system for retailers whose business centers around physical shops. In addition to the existing e-commerce business, Sac’s Bar Holdings has been running “e-commerce at physical shops” since 2018, combining physical shops with a direct delivery system. With a multifaceted approach, we have created a diversified retail style that suits every lifestyle.

E-commerce at physical shops

Avoid missed opportunities with innovative in-store retailing

The products customers want are not on display at the shop. As a result, customers buy the products at other shops or at competitor e-commerce sites. To avoid such lost opportunities that have negatively impacted the competitiveness of physical shops, we have created “e-commerce at physical shops,” our original product purchasing system. Using an in-store tablet, customers can select the products they want and pay on the spot, even if the products in the desired color or size are out of stock at the shop. The products can be delivered as early as the next day, either directly to the customers or to the shops for in-store collection.

● Implementing an efficient distribution system, “Sac’s Bar Depot”

What makes all the above possible is “Sac’s Bar Depot,” our distribution center, where inventory control is centralized to have merchandise delivered to any of our shops. The large warehouse in Togane City, Chiba Prefecture, is kept stocked up with the items that are sold by 10 of our best-selling brands. Since the service was launched, there have been more than 1,000 uses per month, with the number steadily increasing. With about 20% of the customers choosing in-store collection, the system is also encouraging return visits. Offering gift-wrapping service, it is also attracting use for gift-giving.

E-commerce business

Proactively running the e-commerce business, a burgeoning field, in a dedicated department

Naturally, Sac’s Bar Holdings is also putting considerable effort into the fast-growing e-commerce business. Tokyo Derica has set up a dedicated office for the e-commerce business in Osaka. With product lines expanded and PR efforts improved year by year, everything from product planning to website operation and sales is handled in a systematic manner. The “Sac’s Bar App,” a smartphone application for sales promotion, offers timely suggestions of various products, enhancing customer relations as well as attracting customers not only to e-commerce, but also to the physical shops.

● Interview with the director of the E-commerce Business Office

The E-commerce Business Office operates business on e-commerce marketplaces such as Yahoo and Rakuten, as well as our own e-commerce website. We handle everything from planning, selection and purchase of products to production and operation of our e-commerce website, payment and delivery of the products to customers. Thankfully, our business is growing steadily. Our e-commerce strategies focus on differentiating us from competing e-commerce websites by emphasizing our private-label brand / private-national brand products. We are also putting effort into increasing the proportion of sales on our website to exceed that on e-commerce marketplaces. Attracting more customers to our own website allows us to promote each brand more effectively, utilizing online advertisements and offering service that communicates the dedication of the creators and sales staff.
In today’s radically changing world, an increasing number of people are turning their attention to sustainable society and work style change. With cooperation among all our staff members as well as with our business partners, we strive to come up with timely ideas to offer great products to our customers.